Android Apps

Need an Android App or Game developed? We do that too!

Just contact us and let us know what your needs are, we will build a custom solution for you, at a price that fits your budget.

These are a few of the apps we have developed.

Baby Basics

Baby basics is a simple but comprehensive guide to help ease the anxiety that first time parents might feel.

Just Dice

Just dice is jut that. Just dice, nothing more. Simply tap in the middle to throw the dice

Loves me, loves me not

This is a game that follows the classic past time of a picking a flower and pulling off petals to know if your special someone is in love with you or not.

City Bingo

Take people watching to the next level with City Bingo! The game is simple.
Find a crowded spot. Whip out your mobile phone and start up the City Bing App.

Space Salvage

Space. It goes on forever. Constantly being polluted by corporate space waste!
Do your part! Salvage space wreckage and earn space currency.

Unicorn Rainbow Rings

Everybody knows Unicorns make Rainbows.
Get involved in the process. Simply TAP the Unicorn to throw balls of color at the rings.
Hit the ring to paint it.

Sushi Bar

You are a master sushi chef! You must catch falling sushi in the matching bamboo container before it reaches the floor.

Ancient 8 Ball

Ask the Ancient 8 Ball a question.
Give your phone a shake (or tap the ball)
Be amazed as the ball gives you advice.

Budgie Blocks FREE

Pass the time with Budgie Blocks FREE! This fun and addictive block puzzle game is simple to learn, but impossible to master. Enjoy the challenge.

Budgie Nestegons Free

A great block puzzle in a new way. Place the nestegon hexagons on the board.

Love Finderrz

Looking for love? Or have you already found it? Love Finderrz will help you calculate your chances with that special someone. Finally an app that entices its users to divert their full attention into finding their true love!

Just A List

Just A List does what it says on the box. Its a List and nothing more. Use it to make simple to do lists, or a shopping list. no frills.

Cops and Robbers

Gone is the old boring version of naughts and crosses. Instead you are a cop chasing a robber! This fun and addictive game is fast paced and will keep you busy for longer than you expect.

Crazy 8

The Classic game where eights are wild. The goal is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand.

Master Blaster

Smashing boxes has never been this much fun. This physics based game lets you blast an array of tennis balls at a pile of boxes. Each boxes numbers indicates how many hits it needs to be destroyed.

Excuse Me

Lame gatherings getting you down? Never have to go to that boring tea party again. Generate hundreds of excuses to use in your day to day life.